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Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Conversation with Nanny

OK, so... today I talked to my mom and my grandmother was there. My mom put my grandma on the phone and this is how it went

Nanny "so what are you doing?"
Me "I just got back from picking up some food"
Nanny "Oh, what were you doing in Florida?"
Me "No, I went and got some FOOD"
Nanny "You got some food in Florida?"
Me "No, I went to a restaurant in town and got a sandwich"
Nanny "Oh. So did I hear your mom say you were dating someone? I wondered if you had a boyfriend right now."
Me "umm... yeah, I'm dating someone, his name is Jason"
Nanny "Oh, is he the one that was at your moms wedding?"
Me "No Nanny, that was Bryan* but we don't date anymore"
Nanny "Oh, is he coming for your birthday?"
Me "No, I don't think he's ready for you just yet"

But really, is anyone ready for my grandmother?

*as a footnote, my grandmother met Bryan many many times - I dated him for almost a year. There's no way she wouldn't have known who he was at my mom's wedding. But apparently she doesn't remember any of that. I could probably convince her that I've been dating the same person for the last 5 years and she'd have no clue it wasn't true, but that's a little mean.


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