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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Meow Meow Birthday Surprise

So my birthday went pretty perfectly. We didn't have to have a department b'day lunch at work with corny jokes by our manager and long, awkward silences. Instead, Steph and Nicole took me out and spoiled me with presents. I got to meet up later with all the people I hold near and dear to my heart and have drinks and laugh and enojoy each other's company. And best of all, my mom's getting healthier and on the road to recovery. What more could a girl ask for?
Well, I put in a request to Andy for a "birthday surprise." I left it at that, and I was pleasantly surprised. Say hello to Henrietta Pussycat (a live kitty, not above photo). Those of you who know Daniel Tiger may or may not realize that I got his name from Mr. Rogers and the Neighborhood of Makebelieve. So, I knew my next cat would have to be Henrietta Pussycat, who hails from the same 'hood as Daniel. So, here they are and when the real kitty comes out from under the bed I'll snap a real photo of our new little pride and joy.


Blogger Stephanie said...

wow - those things look like bears. I'm glad you have a good birthday.

9:55 AM  

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