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Monday, July 24, 2006

Somewhere...over the weekend

Sing the title like Somewhere Over the Rainbow... get it? I’m back to another Monday morning. As I said to Sara, whoever is in charge of making sure the weekend doesn’t end hasn’t been doing their job! I didn’t have much focus this weekend, which is unfortunate since I was trying to write a midterm. I don’t know why I think you need my weekend recap, but here goes… Friday night I worked on the midterm and then did the Turbo Jam Cardio Party. After that my McDreamy came over. Only of note because it wasn’t a planned visit and with his work schedule we usually have to plan. I’m good with planned, but extra is nice. I wrote my midterm all day Saturday, between non-focused tangents (ok, it was mostly non-focused tangents, not that I can account for anything I did). Saturday night I went to Kara’s house for monthly game night. Sunday I finished up my midterm and had a group meeting. Ebony called me to let me know she was going to Lush in D.C. and I placed an order: Karma bar x2, flying fox temple balm x1, and anything that may smell really awesome. I went to dinner with McDreamy, Marianne, and Drew. After that we headed over to 360 Primo for some coffee. I got a Dulce Vita, which has frangelico and coconut crème in it. It was delicious! I’d never been in there, but that is one really cool place. Another interesting thing I never knew, Marianne and Drew went to a wedding Saturday night and it was in the capitol. In a hallway off the rotunda and there were other weddings in other hallways. You can’t reserve it so you just have to hope that no one has your hall when you get there. Interesting – I hadn’t ever heard of that one. So back to the dinner, over coffee the boys figured out that they even knew a few people in common from their Tech days. Small world and all that jazz. Hearing all the Europe stories also made me really want to visit before Marianne moves back, so I’m working on plans to get over there. Sunday night I slapped an ending on the midterm and then relaxed. I bought a necklace from the new Stereotte shop online. Listen to this cute description:

Every cloud has a silver lining, and you can wear this one around your neck! Made from plastic and wire, and hanging from a 16" sterling silver chain, this necklace will remind you that there is something bright in every day!


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