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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

La Vida Loca

I have felt so off-track lately. Like, i can't focus. I'll do anything besides read my stupid schoolwork. I think it's because I'm getting off of my medicine and it helps me to focus. Oh well. I can't afford $178 worth of focus each month now can I? Then I'd have problems concentrating cause I couldn't afford food. Anyhow, so I had a real client last week. I have to say that was pretty freakin' hilarious. If you watched the video I think I probably go "uhhhh......." and look around like something is going to give me something to say every 5 minutes. You know, it feels weird reflecting people's feelings to them. I'm going to have to start practicing on you guys. I have a client tonight, and tomorrow, and Saturday, and Monday. I'm getting a couple. How's that for jumping right in? Anyhow, enough whining. I have more important stories to tell. Tomorrow I'm going to my grandfather's burial. Yup, if you didn't know that my grandfather died then you are apparently just a bad friend. Cause he died 25 years ago. And my grandma has turned crazy and had him dug up and shipped from New York to be buried here so she can be with him when she dies. Well, her and her new husband will be buried with him. Don't even ask me how the new husband feels about that - I have no idea. He knows my grandma is living la vida loca, so he probably just ignores it. So, since I'm guessing I wasn't at the funeral the first time, I'll be there this time. Although it's more of a burial. At lunch time. Who picked noon as a good burial time? And I think this isn't all that abnormal cause curly headed guy at the UFC watching was saying something about his grandma doing the same thing. Unless he was just trying to relate to me and was making that up. Cause really, what's the likelihood?


Blogger danielle said...

yet another reason for me to be cremated.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous momma said...

Thanks for coming up and going with me. I appreciate you. xo

5:47 PM  

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