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Sunday, February 04, 2007

UFC - the verb

This weekend September was in town celebrating her birthday. Saturday night we had dinner at Ararat* with Misty. We were going to go out country dancing, but it was still 8:30 so I suggested we go to Perry's to see some of this UFC that he's always watching before going out. The first thing I found out is that Perry has tons of cute friends that he's totally been hiding from me. Second of all, UFC consists of a lot of man hugs. Supposedly these weren't good fights. So, I think it's because these fights weren't really action packed, but I challenged this tall cute guy by saying I could kick his ass. There was a context, but I can't remember it. I actually meant it as a joke, but he took it to mean that I wanted to prove it. I think this is how it happened. Anyhow, so we're wrestling in the hallway. Round 1 ends quickly because I lift my feet off the floor and send us flying through some double doors onto the floor in the next room. Then we decided to fight again. This time it lasted longer and I got my head hit on the tile. Ouch. Very sweet of the tall guy to stop and ask if I'm ok. I also tried the pouty face as a move to trick him. Anyhow, we had four rounds of this fighting and by the end of it I was using UFC as a verb. "I UFC'd him" for example. It was fun and it reminded me of the tackle basketball I played growing up. I guess to some people wrestling random guys isn't an option for entertainment, but leave it to me to find the weirdest possible way to flirt with a guy. So Misty - the next time you invite me I swear to watch the real UFC and make fun of it with you, and save the live UFCing for later.

*Ararat was much better than the postings on citysearch. Service was fine, food was good, portions were normal, etc.


Blogger Misty said...

I was there, and it was a sight to behold. There were more guys watching Stephanie fight in the entry hall then there were in living room watching the real fights!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

and i have quite a few bruises to prove it :o)

9:51 AM  

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