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Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday Adeventure

So, last night me and Katy went to a place called Angels to see some live music and have a few drinks. It was actually pretty nice and chill. We left around 10 and decided to drive downtown for a bit. This is where the oddness began. There was a BMW full of high school boys next to us for a while. When we finally got to a light they began honking and yelling at us to get our attention. We of course didn't look, because talking to a car of high school boys could never be good. It was freaking hilarious and the longest light in the world which made it seriously awkward. Driving downtown we saw a man riding a bike in boxer briefs. Red and white striped ones I think. Then we found a place on 6th that had pitchers of liquor. WTF? So of course Katy really wanted to see what that was all about and we got some. We ended up in a back section of the bar that was playing some serious rap with some serious emo kids dancing around. Weirdest night. Seriously.


Anonymous Jocelyn said...

pitchers of liquor? wow! and I saw a guy riding a bike down Lamar (near Pease Park) in a THONG before, so consider yourself lucky you got a guy in briefs. lol!!

12:55 PM  
Blogger CINDYLC said...

sounds like fun to me...what part of the night did you think was weird?!

2:29 PM  

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