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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few of my new favorite things

In this time that I have been slightly out of pocket I find that I have developed a few new favorites that I must rave about.

So, last month for "Present Day" as Katy calls it she took me and Jessica (another girl from work) out to get makeovers at MAC. They didn't use this on me, but it was one of the things I got. They advertised it as an eyeliner that wouldn't come off - wow! So I tried it and even on my roughest days I find it to be pretty much true. Sometimes I still get that under eye shadow - but I got that with everything - and at least now I can still see the eyeliner. Yay! I already have this in 2 colors and there are 2 more I'm wanting still...and it is only $15. Seems a lot for eyeliner, but the little gel tub will last FOR-EVER. OK, so please meet my new favorite eyeliner - MAC's Fluidline eyeliner gel.

And over the past week Adam and I did wine tours at about five wineries around Fredericksburg. We did Texas Wine Tours with Jim as our guide driving us around in
the limo-style shuttle and telling us all of the do's and dont's of wine tastings. Anyhow...we sampled 25-30 wines and I definitely have a new favorite. In the sweet wine category I met Muscat Canelli. Who knew? My favorite of the day was from Becker Vineyards and was a wonderfully sweet, yet not too syrupy taste. They also had a wonderful viognier that they call Clementine that was a favorite. AND, I even found a few reds that I could do. One was from Texas Hills Vineyard called Kick Butt Cab and the other was the Pedernales Cellars Family Reserve. All in all, a very educational trip!


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