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Friday, February 13, 2009

February begins...or keeps going

Apparently my blog is now just for a monthly update. So, I took the next week off of work which will be good. Adam and I are going to Fredericksburg and doing this all day wine tour in a van limo thing and staying at a fancy little bed and breakfast that looks like a pueblo by Enchanted Rock. We are also going to try to teach ourselves to make truffles and get me an oil change. All very romanticle. Anyhow, so the new homelessness is interesting but it seems that every time I need something it is in some other location. The guy I work with at work is leaving in 2 weeks and I will have someone new. It is stressful but the new guy was already working there and he is great so it will probably be a quick transition time. What else...I am excited that summer is coming fast because that means I get to sleep more at work. I've actually lost about 7 pounds so I'm working on that whole losing weight resolution. My favorite new craft to do with the kids this month is making hearts made out of crayons. They can't get enough of that and I actually bogarted the pan and made a whole one to myself one night. Umm...besides that...I hope everyone has a lovely Valentines Day. And rest of the month. I feel like I haven't seen my friends in ages but I'm thinking about y'all.


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