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Thursday, September 22, 2005

It's the End of the World as We Know It

Everyone has lost their minds. Why do I say that? Well, first of all, the storm has obviously turned and isn’t supposed to go through Austin at all. Yet, at work today we were sent an email that it was mandatory to back up all files to the server by the end of the day, which is actually why I have time to write this because I’m waiting for files to transfer. It’s an estimated time of 40 minutes for ONE project folder. We had to pick up emergency contact information cards. The business continuity plan is being passed out in case of disaster. Since when has a little rain scared anyone in Texas? I mean, we all suck at driving in the rain here in Austin, but it isn’t like our building is going to be driving anywhere. I appreciate that they want everything to be taken care of, but I think they’re scaring people. Melissa just heard one of the designers say she was scared because she doesn’t have any water. I mean, come on people, freeze some water – if the water stops working you’ll have some fresh cold water. Or fill up your kool-aide jugs with water. Barbara and I decided to go the opposite way and stock up on alcohol, but it was only because the water was all gone of course – by like 7pm last night when we went to the store and we just thought it was funny. We tried going to HEB for some food and the lines were backed up down the aisles. I was trying to get gas and had to go to 4 gas stations before I found one that wasn’t packed. People were actually waiting in lines at Randall’s for $2.50/gallon gas with the Remarkable Card discount. By paying $2.59 I spent $1.17 more and didn’t risk being labeled INSANE! The hysteria makes me nervous. I want everyone to take a deep breath when they leave work Friday and say, “See you Monday” and know it will be true. Because it is.


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