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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


So, first of all... as you know my dogs name is Saffy. Not Sassy, or Taffy, and it isn't short for sapphire or sassafras. Her name makes no sense and only my good friends know why I chose it. But really, my silly little dog really is a Saffy. First of all, my dog doesn't really like treats. She has 3 that I've given her since Sunday and they're all on the floor. The vet told me that she's a social eater, and that she isn't food motivated, but attention motivated. Awww...all my dog wants is love. That's perfect for me. Anyhow, the people at the vet loved her, and she really loved being at the vet (where else are you going to find rooms full of dog lovers to love on you?). She is so friendly and sweet and the vet told me that she is going to grow up to be a really great dog. And her hair is growing back slowly and her head looks like a funny little puff ball. Anyhow, that's my dog babble. I'll get some more pictures of her as soon as I can steal Barbara's digital camera.


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