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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Weekend Recap

OK, so... I'm down a boy and up a dog. I named her Saffy. She still isn't too lively, and doesn't like to pee, but finally figured the stairs out. Saturday I hung out with my mom - went to an art fair, Office Depot, Target, and PetSmart. My mom actually made me go to PetSmart because she wanted to get stuff for her grand-dog, aka the granddogger (I made that up myself). Anyhow, so Sunday was birthday dinner day and then I was driving home to Austin. This is where it gets weird. I was on 195 and I see this fire, and there's tons of people pulled over and they're waving me down. SO, I think maybe they need a phone or something and I pull over. The guy tells me that there was an accident and some guy's car is on fire and I should wait until the fire department gets here to drive through since fire was EVERYWHERE. It was blowing across the highway and the dry field was just catching. The term "like wildfire" well... I saw that in action. Anyhow, so while I'm sitting there this bloody guy comes out of the field and looks wild. He apparently was the driver of the car on fire and was looking for his dogs. My passenger window was down and he walked up to my car, opened the door, got in and was like "you have to drive me down the road to look for my dogs, they went that way" so, i take the bloody man who is sharing a seat with my dog and drive him the other way so he can see if he sees his dog. On the way we pass the first cop on the scene so we turn around and go back so he doesn't get in trouble for leaving. A volunteer fireman had rolled up while we were gone so I figured I could drive through the fire now, which was better than driving bloody men around, so I was like, uhhh...I'm gonna go. Man... so I see what counseling someone in total shock could be like. I also see why they say crisis counselors have to meet the needs of their clients immediately, because this guy couldn't focus on anything but wanting his dogs. And once I drove him down the road, he was much more able to focus on the accident, and his car that was totally demolished already by the fire. Weird day.


Blogger Sugar and Spice said...

Wow. That is an interesting weekend...I hope Saffy wasn't traumatized by the bloody man. I hope YOU weren't too traumatized by the bloody man...

9:01 AM  

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