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Friday, January 13, 2006


Lots of people have hobbies, and inadvertently, it seems that everyone always ends up collecting something. I oddly seem to collect coffee mugs. I have a whole cabinet full. At Christmas I got a new favorite from my dad. It is white with black tulips on the outside, and teal on the inside. Teal is my new “it” color. I love it. It’s like blue, but jazzed up. Nicole collects Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, Melissa collects belts, Barbara collects JFK, Ebony collects Streisand, Sarah collects stray dogs, my dad collects frog stuff, and on and on. Well, Saffy also collects something. She takes in stray tennis balls. Her first one is this really ratty old tennis ball she has seen repeatedly in the field behind our apartment. One day she picked it up and wouldn’t put it down. I wasn’t about to touch the gross thing, so I let her keep it. The joy it brings her is enough reason. This morning we were out and on the mini putting turf there was a newer tennis ball. I picked it up and bounced it and she was off after it. She picked it up and literally ran home. I tried to make her walk but we ended up running because she was so happy to bring her new friend home. She has also been insistently trying to rip apart the rope toy Jason’s mom gave her in order to free the tennis ball from the middle. Maybe her attraction is something that doesn’t shred. I’m not sure. If only I knew what my little Saffy was thinking.


Blogger danielle said...

i collect coasters from bars/restaurants. i don't use them. but if i ever have 50+ people over there will be no rings on my tables!

4:57 PM  

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