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Monday, January 16, 2006

It could be worse than the scraper

I had today off for MLK day. The only really eventful thing I did was go to the dentist. My dentist is hot and my hygienist is really funny so I wasn't too bothered by it. The first blow came though when I found out that my hottie dentist had decided to become his own boss somewhere in Cedar Park. Bye-bye Dr. Stancey and hello some lady whose name I didn't get, but she said I have 3 cavities and need one filling replaced because it's getting old and crusty. That's $125 down the drain. All that after my hygienist told me that he didn't see any cavities and that I was at a low risk of getting them. One positive thing though-- I only got the scraper. What's worse than the scraper? It's the pik. The water pik. It shoots water under your gums, and if you think the scraper hurts... well you've never met the pik. The first time I went they used it on me, and my eyes literally teared up many a time. They had to stop and take breaks because of the pain. This thing is evil and for that reason I will be brushing and flossing optimally this year. Beware the pik!


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