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I used to share a blog with Melissa, but she's been MIA for a few months, so I made it all mine! Random thoughts on my every day life to bore you with.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today on Austin Tidbits' email this nifty cool piece of info was provided:

Looking for an easy way to make a big difference this holiday season? Post a food review of a recently tried dish at a restaurant on between now and Tuesday, January 15. For every review posted, the do-gooders at Dishola will ensure that a dish of food is delivered to a needy individual. Do good, eat well!

I plan to do as many as possible - I need to put all of my eating to good use somehow! Please spread the word!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I have an idea for a great way to start off the new year for all of us non-smokers. Our resolution should be to quit smoking! Sound crazy? Yes. But, how good would it feel to call the ACS Quitline and sign up for the counseling service and then when you call the first time you get to tell the counselor, "well, I already quit actually" and they congratulate you, and encourage you to find ways to stay quit, full knowing they think you might slip sometime in the next week. The next time they call you, when you're still quit, then they really think you're doing a great job. I think it would be great to have support and congratulations on some of the good things we're already doing. My next resolution will be to finish grad school. CONGRATULATIONS! I've already done that too!!! Having two big things knocked off my list will make the other things that I'll potentially not finish seem like just one small thing uncompleted. This new year is already seeming easier just thinking about all of the resolutions I've finished early! You've got to look at the donut, not the hole!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I started my job this week. I sort of want to bang my head into the desk. One high point was this afternoon when the HR lady was giving my "class" the schpeel on sexual harassment and while discussing dating in the workplace she said "get it where you can." Ha. I miss my internship style job already where I made my own schedule and didn't get a tardy if I was late. That's their word, not mine. There's no parking (ok, there's parking but there are also hundreds of employees) so if you leave for lunch it takes 5+ minutes to find a spot somewhere. It might be easier if we got to pick our own lunch time to avoid the peak times, but that is apparently never an option. It doesn't make sense to me, but I guess I'm new and don't see the big picture yet. now I'm going to bed so I can get up and do it all over again. Don't get me wrong - I appreciate having a job. I'm just not used to this being chained to a desk stuff.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

How do you feel about that?

I pictured the end of grad school being me working like a mad lady until the very last second. There I go proving my self wrong again. I finished my last paper yesterday afternoon. Early evening I guess. I have my last class ever tonight. Ever. That is so scary. I don't really want to say good-bye to some of these people who I have just started to get to know. When I think about graduation I think about how proud I am, and how scared I am, and when I'm thinking I am almost always on the verge of tears. Although, in our good-bye for last nights class, I find that when talking about grad school words block my emotions. Maybe it's a defense. Maybe it's because I've ended up in a good place and have dealt with a lot that came up. Maybe it's because my last kick into the world was only 5 years ago so I remember what it's like. I have my last supervision today so I baked some stuff for my supervisor, got her a book, and after I take a shower will go get her a thank you card. The rest of the week will be spent terminating with clients and closing or passing on files. I want to write more but all I'm really doing is staring off into space a feeling, and I can't put much word into that.