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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Views from the edge

Lately I've been getting used to going to the very edge and then moving back just far enough to get a running start for my flying leap. Maybe that's a little dramatic, but I'm finally getting used to this student thing. Not that starting my internship won't change things. Cause then my flying leap starts to involve other people's lives. Anyhow, lately I've started thinking about getting a doctoral degree. Partly because I think it would be hilarious for you all to introduce me as doctor. Ha! But really, because I want to specialize in something and there's two really good schools for it in Texas. But then we must weigh the cost of living on student loans for a billion more years. Funny, because in the picture I had painted for how life goes I thought I'd be married by this point, and getting married makes life easier because 1)you split the bills so you aren't as damn poor and 2)you always have someone there for you, to help you through the hard times, to support you, so that you don't have to adjust to change alone, and well just be alone in general, to weigh in on your decisions for real (not the way where people are just like, yeah go for it! without really caring what it all means). I'm not just trying to whine, I'm listing all the reasons I think it would be fabulous to have a special someone that thought I was the moon. Besides the fact that it just makes you feel good. It crushes me every time I hear someone not realize how lucky they are to have that person. Research proves that relationships reduce stress in your life, thus prolonging it. Darn, I'm going to die sooner because I didn't find the right guy. Sort of funny. Not that there aren't benefits to being single. I'm sure you all can think of some. I'm drawing a blank at this moment cause I'm watching my dog breathe weird out of the side of my eye. I know there's benefits to my situation, but I'm sure all you people with boyfriends wouldn't really want to be trading for my life any time this lifetime so to me that proves that it sucks more to be single than to not. I've watched many a girl-friend cry on her bed or couch cause she thought she'd never meet "the one" and every single one of those girls has. So I know I'm not just crazy. I mean, I don't even go on dates, or even meet guys anymore. I'm a lost cause. I'll refer us back to the book I wanted to buy from an earlier post to explain why i'm single if I'm so great. I'd love it if I had some reason. Maybe I'm too nice. I'll work on being mean. Let me know what you think of it the next time you see me. Somehow the fact that people keep saying that I'm really cool and deserve some ultimo perfect guy that's out there somewhere is code for "you're crazy, have fun being single for the rest of your life." Anyhow, back to the topic, getting a PhD. is yet another leap, from a higher mountain and it's a difficult choice. But, I sent off for information from my top choice school today. Just so you guys know what's going on in my life and my head and where I might be moving off to in a year. And if I don't get into one of the programs...I'll probably end up in Iowa cause it's so darn hard to get a job in Austin. But really, I'll send you all potatoes.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Which Grey's Anatomy character are you?

Izzy Stevens
55% confidence, 74% compassion, 71% dedication
Isobel Stevens is anything but a dumb blonde. In fact, she’s a very intelligent, determined woman. Her strongest point is probably being able to comfort her patients. However, her compassion can sometimes be her weakness. She also isn’t the most confident of the interns. But, she’s definitely the hottest. ;)

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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Proof that you don't think when you drink

Zach quotes after ring dunking:
"It's like Prince - it's the skin formally known as ball sac"
"You put the finger in the hole and move it up and down"
no - he wasn't talking about what it sounds.

I think these lines have to be worth noting from downtown:
"Do I know you? Elizabeth? Christina? Tanya?.....cause I wanna get on ya!"
"I'm married but my friend is digging your chili"

OK, and not that this is a line, but if weren't true it could be one:
"Were you at Petco today? I think my dog sniffed your dog"
Yeah...Saffy sniffed a dog at Petco yesterday and then I saw her owner in a bar downtown. Small world! And now I have his number to set up a play date. I think he wanted me to shut up cause I was kind of drunky.

And then this is me just being "smooth"
guy "what do you do?"
me "I'm in grad school to be a counselor. I want to work with kids"
guy "that's kind of hot"
me "what? having a negative $100,000?"
and I guess this would be him being "smooth"
guy "no, being a teacher"
me "counseling is NOT being a teacher. I could counsel adults too"
guy "that's not as hot"

Friday, November 17, 2006

I should be writing

Writing a paper that is. About drugs. Instead, I'd rather sit here and try to distinguish the smells of my different candles. And then one blew out and now it just smells like that gross blown out candle smell. Before that it was decidedly a peachy smell. I love peach. I love my tuberose candle more but it burnt out last week. Now I just get whiffs of it while I sit at my table and write my papers. Which is part of the reason that I should just go write one. I went to drop off my internship application for my supervisor to sign to day and I left her an envelope with my address, but I forgot the stupid stamp so now I'm afraid she's going to think I'm a complete idiot. Who doesn't stamp a SASE? Sigh. If the place wasn't so far and our schedules meshed and I didn't have a deadline it wouldn't have had to happen that way. I also ventured over to Half Priced Books for the first time ever and I love that place. I bought some psych books, but I also bought this cute little one called "Even God is Single" for some personal inspiration. And in case I need it, I found a book called How to Find a Husband After 35. I expect that as a 35th birthday present if I need it then. And then there was THIS little gem that is titled with the exact question I often ask myself. I would have bought it, but I didn't want to Half Priced Books people to know. Yeah, that's dumb, I know. I find all those kind of books totally interesting to read though on a counselor level at least, since I'm sure a book is not going to introduce me to the right guy. And lastly, today I found a new place to live. I really love it and I'm so excited. It's an amazing place for a great price. I can't wait to move. The only thing about this whole process is that it left me feeling slightly helpless. To explain, since I don't have a J-O-B I don't qualify for apartments. That whole "I'm a student" thing doesn't really cut it. So, Barbara had to be my guarantor. She knows I pay my rent on time since she lived with me, but I still feel like an 18 year-old that needs my parent to get me an apartment. Luckily for me Barbara is into helping this soon-to-be homeless 27 year old get affordable housing. Too bad for those people who don't have a Barbara. But still, it makes me feel more bewildered about my plight to get my Masters and how people in the "real" world don't recognize it since it doesn't earn anything. It's actually a negative earning if you will. Sigh. Well, thank you Barbara, at least I have you to help me fit-in in the real world!

And if I don't talk to you before then, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It was the Wurst

If this picture can't describe Friday night, then nothing can.

Monday, November 06, 2006

How to take over the world, or Texas at least

You all know that the really really smart people are supposedly in the NE right? And those also happen to be all of the blue states where Democrats reign supreme. Well, I'm starting to think that maybe Texans are just as dumb as our stereotypes have us. OK, well at least as dumb as the President makes us look. I hate to say it, but it seems that there's a plan that is working for the Republicans. It's OBVIOUS that the majority of people don't want Perry to be Governor. Obvious. So WHY does he keep winning? Oh, because we keep splitting up all the smart votes. We've got 3 people running who aren't Republicans. I think this happens every year. If two of them would step-off we might be able to finally get Governor Good Hair out of office. Maybe he's trying to be funny cause in one of his commercials he is standing on a cliff (mountain) wearing a brown cattle rancher (cowboy) jacket and it all just makes me think...Brokeback Mountain. But maybe that's the subliminal message since all (ok, ok...many) Republicans appear to be suppressed gay men who have these secret lives being dirty old men. Remember how Perry supposedly had that affair with his Secretary of State? Who happens to be a man.! Maybe it's his ploy to get gay people to vote for him. Maybe Kinky and Grandma are really paid by the Republican party to divide up the smart people vote by 3. I have no idea, but it drives me insane. If they want to do something good for Texas they should just let one person run so we can get rid of Perry.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


The only way for me to accurately describe my weekend of SU Homecoming is to tell you that I slept almost the entire day today. I woke up at 11:36 and did a couple of things until I could go get Saffy from the kennel and then I went back to sleep until 6:30. Man, talk about exhausted! I couldn't even walk normally this morning. I know, I know...I shouldn't have worn the super heels when I knew I'd be walking all weekend. I really was about to change my shoes Saturday night when I got back to the Hospitality House, but then I realized that there was not a volunteer in sight to make people sign in (and I left those darn sign in sheets there...) and there wasn't anyone helping the bartenders when they ran out of stuff. So, I became the official bar back for the night. People kept telling me to not work, but really....the lines were too long to get drinks anyway so I might as well have been the one getting to go in the secret stash room. And of course I'd been hanging out with the bartenders all weekend so it was sort of like watching a semi-friend being thrown to the sharks. Anyhow, enough babble about that. Everyone I talked to said they loved the Hospitality House and they loved Homecoming. I'm so glad it turned out well.

On a side note, I got the internship I wanted, so there's one less thing to worry about!