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I used to share a blog with Melissa, but she's been MIA for a few months, so I made it all mine! Random thoughts on my every day life to bore you with.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Big Spoon

I went to the pool with an ex-boyfriend from college today. He introduced me to the concept of "big spoon." He didn't have this terminology when we were dating, and I found it completely hilarious, yet the correct phrasing. Big spoon is the person in the back of the spoon - the big spoon. You have to engulf the little spoon to be the big spoon. He told me that my arms weren't long enough to make me a good "big spoon." Either this was a way to get free cuddles, or just a demonstration of spooning terminology. I think I'll add the term to my vocabulary though.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


My company has a no pets in the office policy. Supposedly everyone used to be able to bring pets, but it got distracting. So my question is, why can people bring their babies? Babies are just like pets. They're small, noisey, drool, and poop whenever they want. I think a little kitten is much less distracting than a baby. I'm all for babies, but if people can't have adorable little kittens in their cubes, why can other people have noisey squealy babies? It isn't fair to the unmarried people that we can't bring something cute to work with us too.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

To the Moon and Beyond!

Somehow, since making an elementary school space book I have turned into a conspiracy theorist when it comes to space talk. This all came about from looking for specific photos of things that happened on the moon. Supposedly, some astronaut made up a bounding technique for getting around on the moon, but oddly there's not one single picture of it anywhere. Not even on the NASA website. I've searched and searched for information, and all I've found were more people that I agreed with. For example, why does the flag wave on the moon when there's no wind? Why are there no stars in the pictures from the moon? and why isn't anyone freaking bounding?! It seems that some people think that we've never even really sent anyone to the moon and that it's all a hoax. Really though, why was that the only time they've been able to do it? How come with all our new technology they can't make it work now? I'm starting to feel like it's all just a lie. Read one conspirators thoughts, and read NASA's - see what you think. And if anyone has a licensable photo of someone bounding on the moon, please tell me where to find it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Women's Adventure Race

My roommate and I decided to do the Women's Adventure Race. It consisted of running, biking, a water event, mystery events, and a rubber chicken as a third teammate. It was our first race and I was definitely less prepared than I should have been. That just means next year I'll be ready! We finished in the middle of the beginners, which isn't too shabby.

Here's me and Barbara, before the race - The Mooshies

One of the last events above

And below with our finisher medals.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Case of the Monday's

This weekend I went to San Antonio to Sara's bridesmaid weekend. Technically I have taken to bride's hotties though. She showed us the reception and church, and took us to see The Wedding Crashers. Then she fed us homemade pesto pasta. Yum. She let me drive her dog too. Little Duncan, DRoc, Notorious D.O.G... he has a crush on Amy but I'll pretend to not be jealous.

Melissa went on vacation this week. I'm not quite sure what to do without her. I keep thinking of things I would normally ask her to do "Pleeeease find me a picture of a man on the moon" etc., and now she's gone. She said she would bring me back something from her trip (a man-toy preferably) but it doesn't really make up for her being gone. And really, I miss her more for the fun. Just for that, I'm taking a vacation when she gets back.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

all I hear is blog, blog, blog

So I'm new to this whole blogging thing. Apparently I'm not hip to the new trends or something, but I'll do my best. When I heard my dad start talking about blogs he reads as an outlet for bitching about the Houston mayor, I figure I'd better get with it. Plus, we hear some funny shit at work.
Just to give you a mental picture, here I am, a hard workin' kitty. This was Steph hazing me by making me work in cat ears. I keep telling her she can't make me take tequila shots at work, but she insists. No, really it was Halloween. Oh and see the poster on my wall? I didn't put it there, but I did leave it there. It has a lion... a shout out to my peeps.

Steph - Things You Hear at Work

A developer sent me an email about our Hoover Dam book, except her subject was “HOOVER DAMN IMAGE.” After a couple emails back and forth she finally sent an email that said “oops, I realized that I spelt Dam wrong." Yes, yes you did, but I sent a picture of a Chihuahua with decorations on it instead of the interior of a longhouse, so we’re even now.

A lady was talking on her cell phone in the bathroom, in the stall, and I think she was going #2. That’s ok to do sometimes at home, but not at work. Ick. I flushed the toilet while she was talking so I hope she wasn’t trying to keep it a secret that she was in the potty.

Would you really want a home where the buffalo roam?

In the hall:
Production guy #1 - My brain is cooked, can I serve it?
Production guy #2 - What would you use as a side dish?

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a blog

OK, so Melissa convinced me at work today that we need a blog to share all the interesting things we do all day. OK, not really, but there's some funny stuff that goes on there that the world should know about. Plus everyone has told me for years that I need a blog. So here it is. I might need some technical advice, but this is my first step.