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I used to share a blog with Melissa, but she's been MIA for a few months, so I made it all mine! Random thoughts on my every day life to bore you with.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's funny to me

Maybe you had to be there, but there are two conversations I've had with Adam this week that crack me up.

A: Saffy talked me into rubbing her belly.
S: How'd she do that?
A: She rolled over

ha ha ha... that kid is a sucker for my dog.
And the next was the middle of the night and we were in bed. I kind of farted while drifting into sleep. He was also drifting into sleep.

A: What did you say?
S: (giggling) nothing
A: Well what was that?
S: (cracking up laughing) nothing....
A: Did you just fart?!!!
S: (still just laughing)

And the funny thing is that he still big spooned me after that even though it but him in direct contact with my bum. Aww....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This is too funny to not share...

I was writing some other post when I happened to come across this:

Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well." -The Book of Proverbs 5:15

I found that on a site about urine therapy. Now go Google urine therapy and read all about it. Maybe one of the funniest things I found was a book called The Golden Fountain. Let me know what the funniest thing you find is. And if you decide to try it...let me know how that works out for you!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Randomness abounds

I've been tagged by Rachel in a game of random facts. I think almost everything I do is random but I'll try to think of 7 that you guys might not know...

1. I brush my teeth in the shower
2. I mostly buy clothes in solid colors
3. When I nap on the couch I prefer to sleep behind the pillows (like, I move them on top of me to make me appear as part of the couch)
4. In the shower I have at least 3 different kinds of soap most of the time and I often use all 3.
5. Now that I have a boyfriend who is allergic to nuts I enjoy eating things with nuts in them more. Reeses, Snickers, Peanut M&M's...yum.
6. My thoughts come in pictures when I'm nervous.
7. I was supposed to be born on my sister's birthday.

Tagging someone who hasn't already been tagged is a little difficult, so I say if you read my blog you should be tagged. Danielle, Misty, Sara, etc. (If I didn't mention you it's cause you already got tagged or you don't have a blog)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Calling Dr. Bombay!

Hmm...this is a new one. It appears that I have injured my rotator cuff or some shoulder part. The only thing I can think of that I was doing that might have caused this was leading a game of Simon Says. It was either "Simon says be an octopus" or "Simon says swim".... does this mean I'm too old to play?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Crash, boom!

Crash boom is what I'm afraid is going to happen in the next couple months. I've been sitting here a lot lately thinking about the fact that next Thursday I start the fall semester. My FINAL semester of grad school. First thought - I still have a 4.0 GPA but I think I'm probably taking one of the hardest classes this time around. They added a weed-out course a couple semesters ago and this is where I could fit it in. Ha. Hope it doesn't weed me out. The instructor just emailed us all this stuff and there's 2 grading charts...scary. So, my first fear is this "reading intensive" course that everyone freaks out about. If I were Catholic I'd do some Hail Mary's for this one. On top of that, I've added a second internship. If you thought my schedule was crazy with just (ha, I said "just") class, one internship and the Gap try it now. Whew. I'm doing a group Wednesday nights and leading a grief group at a high school along with a couple new individual clients. Oh, and that whole part where I have to find a job before I graduate. And study for (they say you just have to memorize this encyclopedia - no sweat right?) AND take the test that allows me to work under supervision for a year and a half after graduation at almost no pay. And every one's birthdays (mine, my sisters, boyfriends and a best friends to name a few) seem to be in the fall making it even busier, along with a wedding, Halloween, Homecoming (I planned it so I have to go), Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and then Christmas. I feel like I'm leaving something out. My mom is starting chemo and even though that isn't something that is taking up my time, it's something I worry about. Yes, she reads this, but I'm sure she already knew I worried (I worried so much as a kid that I got constipated into my small intestines so I'm SURE she knows I worry, but if not, now she (you) know). I know I just have to get over this initial freak out, but if you've thought I was busy and distant before you'll really think I am now. For now, I'll try to hang out, but I need to study and work. Just know that in December after I graduate I might be poor but I want to hang out. And you better plan on coming to my graduation party!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another CLM

At work on Saturday my manager asked me to help him with some displays by undressing 4 male body forms. I said sure and started undressing them. When I got to the third one I started having trouble getting the button for the pants undone. After struggling for a bit I said "I feel like I'm on this awkward date where I can't get the guys pants off" .....awkward silence...."uhhh...I sound like a prostitute" to which my manager replied "not a very good one!"

Friday, August 17, 2007

eggs and money

The ability to check your bank account online is amazing, right? Well, I think it's a bit ridiculous because at any point in time it says I have about $800 more than I actually do. Right now that would mean they think I have something like $824 and I really have, umm...$24. I think they are actually getting the charges in, but they save them all up until I think I really must have balanced my checkbook wrong and go buy something and then they put them all through. Except first they put through the one or two charges that will take up the $800 (no, I don't buy anything that expensive, but I have some bills from old times that add up fast) and then they put through every single little charge so that I have to pay the $36 NSF fee each and every time. I've had eggs for breakfast before that were supposed to cost $2 that ended up being $38. If I knew I was eating fancy I would have gotten something that tasted better.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


In New Orleans my boyfriend was taken by the dead...which reminds me that YES, I'm planning a Halloween party already. Start thinking about your costumes now fools!