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I used to share a blog with Melissa, but she's been MIA for a few months, so I made it all mine! Random thoughts on my every day life to bore you with.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

you see why my job is hard?

Designer's email:
These aren't on the server yet because I am still doing my mark-up, but here are the changes for this book....

Photo person 1:
For pages 2-3, are you sure you don't want a photo of a vortex? I'm sure Stephanie could find one...

Yeah, okay then! I should have known not to underestimate you guys!

Photo person 2
Just to be clear...which type of vortex are you looking for? I attached 2, then there's the water vortex option also...

There is also the more psychological vortex, which is far more common but
harder to photograph:
That type of vortex might imply drug use, so we probably don't want to go
Designer's email:
Give me any preferences for the type of dog if there are any.

Photo shoot coordinator:
Cool. And if we find a dog that isn't fluffy, can we change the name of the dog? (Unless we want to keep it for the irony!)

Yes, maybe a Chinese hairless dog?

Photo Shoot Coordinator
(fingers tented) Eeeeeeexcelent!!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Veni Vidi Vici

A few things today. First of all, I absolutely LOVE that Gnarls Barkley song Crazy. Second, I've been super bored at work lately. Mondays are crazy, Tuesdays a little less, and then the rest of the week there's not a lot to do. I mean, I do stuff, but it's all torturously boring. I guess now that they took half my books away from the UK and someone will actually DO them there might be more work. And third, now that I'm leaving there's all this cool stuff going on here. First of all (that would be a sub 1 in section 3) we get "summer hours" and get to leave at 1 on Friday. Second, after the denim rebellion we have gained the right to wear jeans ANY day of the week that we please. ha! Take that you useless cog! That'll teach you to send an email saying we can't wear jeans except on Friday. In yo' face! Not that I didn't wear jeans on random days anyway in the hope that they would send me home. Do they really think that is a punishment? If you haven't heard of my denim rebellion just ask me. I know, they didn't change the rules because I'm a rebel, but because people like the president of the company were wearing jeans to company meetings and stuff. It just seemed like something unenforceable. And lastly (this is section 4, not another sub under section 3) this weekend is going to be awesome. Tonight is the B&Z engagement shindig, Saturday is turkey frying at Sarah's (which I'm not eating but I'd like to see how this works, and if the house catches on fire like the Progressive commercial says I'm going to laugh), and then Sunday is boating. So things are definitely looking happy (knock on wood!).

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Are you normal? I'm not.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My McDreamy

I met a boy. I know some of you already know about him (out of the 3 people that probably read my blog). And I know it probably jinxes me to write a blog about him the same way Misty doesn't put boys' numbers in her phone. But he's so giggle-worthy that I can't resist. Plus I have to tell you something before because you'll meet him on Friday at Barbara's engagement party. If you weren't invited, then forget that I said there was one. He's actually excited to go. Not that he shouldn't be, but meeting the whole group at one time is a little overwhelming. And I'm sure he'll do fine because he's really funny and super smart. He claims not to be but why else would he have a Quantum Physics book hanging around his place? But he's not some super nerd -he's athletic too. And he's totally adorable. On our first two dates we talked until 5 in the morning. And we still have a ton more to talk about every time we see each other. Last Saturday he drove to my apartment all the way from down South at midnight after talking to me on the phone for two hours just because. And he didn't try anything shady if that's what you're thinking. My dog likes him too. I think she actually thinks that I got him for her as a present or something. I guess that would sure beat leg warmers. And for anyone that thinks I say milk or pillow weird, he says it the same way as me. He thinks it's cool that I'm quitting my job to finish grad school. And, he even told me that I could pick out a Halloween costume for him. Now if that doesn't say dreamy I don't know what does!

Monday, May 22, 2006

The award goes to...

Dan at SCD for the funniest compliment on a Monday morning. He said:
"kaaaaaaaboom... you are da bomb... thanks!"

I admit, I have to agree with him. And I'm still laughing.

Monday, May 08, 2006

What about it

There’s a show on Monday nights that I recommend. The season finale is tonight, so you’ll have to wait to get into it, but it’s called What About Brian. When I first saw the previews I admit that I thought it looked stupid. One night I was home from class though and there was nothing else on so I started watching it. I have to say that I can totally relate to this Brian guy. He is single and all of his friends are hooked up. He, like me, never really seems to meet the right people, and how do you meet people when you’re hanging out with all your coupled up friends anyway? Your friends definitely lose their radar for cute dating potential, which is only to be expected and also is not their job, but it doesn’t help you out at all. They act like it’s easy to find someone but in reality if you’re the last one you’re sort of out of luck. One of his problems is that he’s in love with his best friend’s fiancé, which I will clarify is not something that I relate with. It seems to be the theme in a lot of shows I’ve been seeing lately. There are also all sorts of married and engaged people who the coupled people might relate to on the show. However, there are a lot of things that I totally relate to, so if you’re single, watch this and feel not o’ so alone. And if you’re hooked up – I don’t know if you’d like the show but you can watch it if you want to see how your single friends feel sometimes.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I miss Marianne

Today I talked to Marianne for about two hours. Just thinking about how far away she is makes my heart hurt because it's days like these when she is the person I need. She is so patient with me and there for me. In college when I told her she couldn't hang up the curtains she made out of paper in our dorm room she insisted and we compromised that she could leave them up for a month. I was a total meanie and she saw right through it and ignored it. Just talking about and planning for when she comes back gives me a lot to look forward to- cook outs, vacations, drinking, riding bikes, etc. And finding out that she too was working on some hard decisions really helped. First of all, knowing that I wasn't the only one that felt like I was jumping off of a cliff without knowing my parachute would open was a relief. Second of all, I feel like it's easy for people to tell me I'm making the right decision because they think it sounds like that's what I want to do. I know that Marianne would tell me if she thought it was a bad idea because she always has. Of course when it came down to it, I couldn't figure out any other way to finish school so it sort of pushes me into a corner there. But today when I was sitting in my apartment watching the rain and trying to make myself do something besides sit there and feel like I was the only one that probably feels this way - the phone rang. And Marianne tells me about people I don't know and describes in detail grandfather clock she bought - just like I'm sitting there with her. And I have been feeling freaked out and alone some because while quitting my job is awesome, who else is going to be living the same life as me? I feel like I'll really be alone and it scares me. But, after talking to Marianne and realizing that I can make it through today and tomorrow and all the other bad days I remember that there are people who over the past week have been totally encouraging, and that there are people making similar decisions, and while Misty does have that full ride thing she's in a similar situation. So, of course while no one will be in the same situation as mine in the fall, I know that people are struggling and confused and not totally sure about everything. Not that I want people to struggle, but to know that I'm not the only one just makes me feel more normal. Of course, not every time you have a problem there will be that one person that can make you feel better, but today Marianne was mine.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Things I Hate

So many times you see lists of favorites and stuff like that, so I just wanted to make a list of things I hate. Feel free to add on your own hates. I apparently cover a majority. Get it out – you’ll feel better!

1. Men who make you get on and off the elevator before them
2. washing my dog
3. bills
4. Not knowing what present to get for someone
5. being unsure about something
6. fighting with someone
7. feeling like a crappy friend because you don’t keep up with everyone
8. bird flu
9. not having anything to wear
10. pimples
11. tests
12. filling out stupid bureaucratic forms at work
13. when people put things in the “free” photo folder that aren’t free!
14. When you need a photo to be horizontal and it’s vertical or vice versa
15. First dates
16. No dates
17. when someone doesn’t tell me that first pass is on the server
18. when people forget to invite me to meetings
19. that my car’s paintjob sucks
20. having to tell your boss that you’re quitting
21. not being able to fly
22.gas prices
23. when you lose weight and no one says anything so you feel like you look the same as you did
24. feeling like you aren’t pretty
25. leaving my dog home alone for too long
26. not having found the millionaire I was supposed to marry yet
27. domestic violence
28. knowing that you’ve made huge mistakes that you can’t change
29. being bored at work when I could be more productive at home
30. Compass
31. when people don’t get psyched about Halloween
32. the President
33. When people who don’t know what you do get to tell you what to do
34. my dentist
35. creepy dudes that think you can’t see them looking at your chest
36. driving in the rain
37. girls that try to fight you for crossing the street
38. idiots
39. sweat
40. not being able to sleep

Monday, May 01, 2006

A man left his plunger in my sink...

Today a man left his plunger in my sink. I come home and in my kitchen sink I find a strange plunger. It's not totally clean so I know it has to have been somewhere else. And now I don't know what to do with it. Do you think the man wants his plunger back? Should I call and say "your plunger was in my sink and now it's sitting next to my trash can on a pile of paper towels if you want it back"? I feel bad in the first place that someone had to come plunge the sink I clogged with brussel sprouts, but to throw away his plunger if he really wants - that's just kind of rude. But on the other hand, to think that he might just come back tomorrow and pick it up while I'm at work is a little odd. I guess I'll give it a couple days and see what happens.