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I used to share a blog with Melissa, but she's been MIA for a few months, so I made it all mine! Random thoughts on my every day life to bore you with.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Who thinks Ghouls Gone Wild is a great theme for a Halloween party?! I've also picked a costume - the red boxer costume. So things are pulling together. What has everyone else thought of for costume ideas?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sporty spice

So of course I've been looking at Halloween costumes. I've looked through my closet to see if there is something I could make into something else, and the only thing I could think to make work would be stealing Misty's costume idea. Well, unless 3 of my friends wanted to be Fanta girls with me. I could always repeat the mermaid, but that seems so unexciting. There are so many options and I was trying to find something a teensy bit out of the ordinary. Something I haven't seen at a party before. Here is what I've been considering (today). Ahem, I'm asking for opinions actually - what do you guys think?

Monday, September 25, 2006

This is Halloween, halloween, halloween

A few people already know this, but I'm officially announcing that the grinch who stole Halloween just brought it back. I have found a location for the party!! After hitting people up and scouting locations for about a month we've hit the jackpot. It will be at the house of a friend of a friend, and she's pumped. And you guys know I can never do this friends make the best team ever in helping me get stuff together. This will be greatly appreciated since there's only about 4 weeks of planning left! So, needless to say - start thinking of costumes! If you see any cute decoration ideas let me know that too. I was starting to get really bummed because people kept asking me about it and I didn't really have anything to tell. It even almost made me grinch my birthday. Funny the way this Halloween freak is affected by the happenings in October. I've been mute on Halloween so far, but the floodgate is opening. Sing along...This is Halloween, halloween, halloween...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sleep to dream

So, the bed I thought was being delivered next Friday showed up at my apartment last Friday morning. Luckily I was hanging out and actually had clothes on when they showed up. Here it is....

The whole thing

The headboard with the pillows

The headboard close up. It's wood.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

14 minutes in the life of me

billykirkland7 (12:55:42 PM): must be nice to be at home all the time
Steph1851 (12:57:01 PM): I'm about to go to class if that makes you feel better :o)
billykirkland7 (12:57:12 PM): nope
billykirkland7 (12:57:20 PM): i get to work until 9 tonight
billykirkland7 (12:57:25 PM): 7 more hours
Steph1851 (12:57:57 PM): i'm sorry...I'm practicing for when we get married and I'm a stay at home wife :o) hee hee...just kidding
billykirkland7 (12:58:09 PM): thats more like it
billykirkland7 (12:58:13 PM): i'm proud
Steph1851 (12:58:15 PM): good
Steph1851 (1:08:07 PM): ok, now I gotta go to class so i can find a parking spot
billykirkland7 (1:08:16 PM): have fun
Steph1851 (1:08:45 PM): thanks...i'll continue my future wife practice by staying home all day tomorrow :o)
billykirkland7 (1:09:02 PM): sweet

A circles round, it has no end...

I was thinking about how everyone always says that guys are clueless about girls. Not sure who this "everyone" is, but I've heard the phrase often. I start to think that after dealing with guys for a large portion of my life, I'm actually the one who is clueless. I've had so many random things happen that it's gone past the point of getting it, and circled back around to the point where I'm not ever totally sure. I mean, you think you know, and you think something should always mean X but this isn't algebra and if 4+X=5, X isn't necessarily a 1. Just like my math equation example makes no sense, that's the way I feel about guys. I know I'm supposed to understand the way people work with this whole counseling gig, but I'm slightly biased when it comes to my life so that messes with my vision. Anyhow, my current status is guard up - like Chalene on Turbo Jam says "cell phone, home phone, just like the real world" and it is. The guard is up, even when my arms get tired and I'm not quite sure it's helping anything. And, let this post be a lesson that I make no sense at all when I'm tired. And no, the pirate cat has nothing to do with this, I just thought it was funny.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Today I feel like I've been really productive. I got a lot marked off on my "to do" list. I even got around to looking at scholarships and buying my counseling liability insurance for my practicum. Having insurance for a job makes me feel old for some reason. At least if I get sued I can call up my lawyers that we get through the service. ha! Isn't that fun? I took a dress to the dry cleaner that dropped an oily chunk of bread on two February's ago (back in the Bryan days). And I balanced my checkbook finally - I had receipts from the middle of August that I hadn't written in there! But I still feel as though I'm not being productive. Maybe it's my anxiety and I feel like I should be doing something. But I don't know what.... maybe I should go start some more readings or organize a cupboard or something. I know that no one feels sorry for me getting to sit at home all day, but I just want you to know that it's not really a party. Although maybe it would be more fun if I did drink all day.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Fall has fell

OK, so fall doesn't actually happen here, but one sign of fall is here. OK, two. First, St. Arnold's Oktoberfest is out and second, Starbucks has their pumpkin spice lattes. Granted that is 200 calories or more that I don't need to waste on a drink, but who can deny thy pumpkin craving? Pumpkin makes me happy though - so bring on the pumpkin products and lets celebrate the coming of the best part of the year!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Delving into the celebrity gossip ring

OK, so yes of course Katie Holmes (Cruise?) says that the Suri rumors are "heartbreaking" but I have some skepticism of my own. First of all, they bought their own sonogram machine? Did they buy someone who knew how to use it too? And HOW is Katie Holmes so skinny already? I mean, ok so she's not Britney Spears who is chugging frappauccino's while pregnant (I mean, forget that whole no caffeine while pregnant thing right Brit?), but really...she's skinny! Has she been Turbo Jamming or is there some magic of Scientology that we don't know about? And then there's my question about her photos. I think the baby sort of looks Asian. Nothing against Asians, but neither Tom nor Katie are. And wasn't Tom JUST in Asia doing publicity for some movie? Just the perfect timing to pick up a baby and bring it back for it's grand revealing? And if you're just out there googling Tom Cruise you may have seen this, but what the heck? What a random thing.

Monday, September 11, 2006

And the winner is...

Sunday Barbara and I completed the much anticipated Women's Race (adventure race that is). I really enjoyed the new course out at the Cedar Park YMCA-it somehow seemed much easier than last years. Although last year we biked as well. And this year I've been running every morning to get ready for this. Up hills and everything. Zach came out to cheer us on, and it actually really does help to hear a familiar voice yell "Go Stephanie!" "Come on Barbara!" or whatever. Anyhow, so how'd we do? We were ONE SECOND out of placing in our category. Yup. 5th place was 49:12 and we were 49:13. We stopped so that we could piggy back across the finish line and according to the photos I've seen online they didn't even get that. Darn it! But out of the 177 teams overall we were 10th, which is pretty kick ass if you ask me. We were also 6th in the fundraising, but we got the pink racing jerseys which was our main goal for this year. So next year...we know how important the second is and we're going to place! Thank you to everyone who supported us, it means a lot.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You look like you were at the gym....or not

You know when you go to the grocery store or the mall or something and there are those women shopping in their workout clothes? Sometimes it's the itty bitty shorts and a tank top, or the swishy sounding running shorts; sometimes it's spandex...whatever it is, it's really something that wasn't meant to be worn out of the gym or home for obvious reasons. Every once in a while, if you have to do it, it's understandable, but these women don't seem like they do this out of necessity. First of all, their hair is down and cutely fixed, and they're wearing make-up. Fresh make-up. Nothing about them looks like they've just sweated. You wouldn't be buying milk if you were on your way TO the gym so I'm guessing that if they even were at the gym at all, the most they could have done was walk around naked in the locker room and then put their clothes back on to go home. Maybe they think that just the act of putting on workout clothes is close enough to a workout, or maybe they think it makes them athletic. My grocery store is often full of cute guys who look like they just worked out, so maybe the women are single and going for the "we have the same habits" look. If the guys fall for it then they're dumb, because I know that I for one sweat when I work out. I actually pour sweat and turn red when I work out. I wouldn't go anywhere after that because I'd fear grossing people out with my smell. If you didn't break a sweat then you didn't work out and I think these ladies need to realize that they look dumb shopping in their running shorts and tennis shoes. They need to either actually go to the gym, or go home, and put some real clothes on because we all know they ain't been working out!